April 9, 2020


COGNITION INC. is a St. Louis, Missouri, USA based company with principal experience of over fifteen years in the analysis, design, and development of application software. Our primary technology allows swift, on-the-mark development of user-friendly web applications. Coupled with our expertise in database development, we can web-enable your existing applications or provide new systems to help your company compete in tomorrow's markets.

icon_man_computer.gifThe Internet can allow your company to extend out to your clients. Your web presence should be more than just an online company brochure -- it should become a channel by which you and your customers can mutually benefit.  By integrating systems with your clients, you become interdependent and your business relationship is strengthened.  

In addition to Cognition's design/build capabilities, we bring experience in software integration. We recognize that today's software marketplace offers a wide variety products. But rarely do these products plug right into your complex workflow. What is needed is the expertise to make the right choices and shape the software to meet your unique set of competitive requirements. We can assist in the analysis, perform the needed customizations, and even provide our tight project management to ensure a smooth implementation.

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